Writer Denise Bomstein offered the following about his trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast and to King Neptune’s, “I Have Three Words For You - ROYAL RED SHRIMP! After my crawfish and bread pudding extravaganza, I swore I'd eat on the lighter side for the rest of my trip...that lasted until dinner when I was introduced to bless’em - Royal Red Shrimp at King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant. Served with their scarlet bodies intact, piled mile-high on a plate, you literally attack the shrimp. I never fought so hard to eat as I ripped the heads off and struggled to peel off their tough shells. Royal Reds have a delicious shrimpy-crabby taste and texture. I ate so many Royal Reds, I lost count. I relished in them, I indulged in them, I ravished them…I am a Royal Red Shrimp! After I was done making a spectacle of myself, I dug into none other than that great, Southern dessert - bread pudding. I never learn.”