Al Sawyer has spent most of his life learning a deep appreciation for fresh seafood, and he has spent a lifetime honing his culinary skills to showcase these delectable fruits of the Gulf. Growing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast, offered Al the privilege of learning to enjoy seafood at its best- fresh off the boats or even fresh off his own hook.

Al, a fourth-generation veteran, and his wife, Diane, have invested a lifetime of learning into their restaurant, King Neptune’s Seafood. Al’s practical education in the restaurant business began as a young man when he worked for a respected and successful company, Morrison’s Restaurants, for the well-known chain’s founding family, the Outlaws. He later joined an Outlaw grandson at Hemingway’s Restaurant to learn the bar trade first hand. Al then traveled the country, from Maine to the Florida Keys, Mexico to Tampa, Fla. and all points in between, selling fresh seafood harvested by Bon Secour Fisheries on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Al developed an appreciation for the fishermen and their trade.

Today, you’ll find Al and Diane at the restaurant on any given day, keeping a hand in everything and ensuring the food is prepared to their exacting standards, all while greeting old friends and making new ones. Putting all their efforts into the restaurant, the surroundings at King Neptune’s are simple, yet comfortable with the focus on good, fresh food done right. The Sawyers are well known for having a great menu that locals appreciate as much, if not more, than visitors. King Neptune’s is known for being a southern restaurant where southern hospitality is a way of life.

“We’ve just always focused on providing our guests with great food,” Al says. “That comes easily to us, because of our experience and our love of fresh seafood from the Alabama Gulf Coast.”

What King Neptune’s is Known For

King Neptune’s has become known as the place to go in Gulf Shores when you want royal reds. These delectable, deep-water shrimp offer up a bright ruby red color and are sweet and salty, moist and tender, a little like some other foods, but in a class by themselves.


The Sawyers have taken home first place at the Food Show in New Orleans, beating out 500 competitors that included renowned Chef Paul Prudhomme and McIlhenny, the producers of Tabasco sauce. In addition, King Neptune’s Seafood has been featured on television shows such as Bobby Flay’s “Food Nation,” The Travel Channel’s “Travel Deep in the South,” as well as in Southern Living magazine and Travel USA. Al has also served as a Culinary Ambassador for the State of Alabama.