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served with French Fried Potatoes, Choice of Cocktail Sauce or Tartar Sauce and Hushpuppy.


    12 Crispy Fried Salt and Pepper Butterfly Tail-on Shrimp   $ 10.00
    Southern Seasoned Cornmeal Seasoned Fried Fish   $ 9.00
    Blackened Tilapia   $ 10.00
    Spicy Buffalo Shrimp or Chicken Wrap   $ 10.00
    Shrimp & Fish fillets   $ 13.00
    18 Fried Shrimp Butterfly Tail on (Seasoned Flour or Cornmeal) Basket   $ 12.00
    12 Grilled or Blackened Shrimp Skewer Basket   $ 10.00
    Grilled Spicy Chipotle Shrimp Skewer Basket   $ 10.00

(Topped with Cilantro Lime Aloi Sauce)

    Baked Greek Fish with Big Fat Greek Salad   $ 14.00

Baked Tilapia topped with Spinach, Feta Cheese and Special Seasoning.  Served with a Big Fat Greek Salad. (Side already included)

    Fried Popcorn Shrimp Basket   $ 10.00
    12 Spicy Buffalo Sauce Seasoned Shrimp Basket   $ 11.00
    12 Fried Shrimp (Seasoned Flour or Cornmeal) Basket   $ 10.00
    6 Fried Butterfly Tail on Shrimp & Chicken Tender Basket   $ 11.00
    Golden Fried Clam Strips Basket   $ 10.00
    Golden Fried Seafood Platter   $ 13.00

(Fried Tilapia Fillet, Clam Strips, Popcorn Shrimp and Stuffed Blue Crab)

    Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Creole & Steamed White Rice   $ 10.00

(Side already included)

    Broiled Seafood Platter   $ 12.00

(A combination of Tilapia and Shrimp broiled in Lemon Garlic Butter)

served with New Potatoes, Corn, and Garlic Toast

    Louisiana Seafood Etouffee & Steamed White Rice   $ 10.00

(Crawfish Tails, Shrimp and Flounder simmered in a Cajun Roux.) 

served with Garlic Toast

    King’s Seafood Casserole   $ 15.00

(Claw Crab Meat, Shrimp and Tilapia baked in a Cheese and Cream Sauce)

served with New Potatoes, Corn, and Garlic Toast

    Smokehouse Grilled Chicken OR Shrimp Salad   $ 12.00

served with Garlic Toast

    12 Grilled or Blackened (Chipotle or Sriracha) Shrimp Skewers   $ 10.00
    Baked Basil Pesto Encrusted Tilapia   $ 10.00

served with New Potatoes, Corn, and Garlic Toast

    Baked Lemon Lime Tilapia   $ 10.00

served with New Potatoes, Corn, and Garlic Toast

    Creole Spiced Grilled Shrimp Butterfly Tail on and Andouille Sausage Skewers   $ 10.00
    Fried Flounder Basket   $ 12.00

served with french fries, and hushpuppy

    Blackened Tilapia   $ 10.00
    Cornmeal Fried Catish   $ 10.00
    Shrimp Scampi   $ 14.00